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My dog only works for the trainer.

Client/Pet Parent: I hired a trainer to come in my home and train my dog for me on a daily basis Monday through Firday for one hour a day. After three weeks my dog still won't listen to me. I have follow up lessons, but I’m not going to call her back. This person doesn't know how to train!

Dog Trainer: I wonder if my client has been practicing every day like I taught her. I had her practice the training with me. I hope she keeps up with it. Last time I was there her dog was wild and uncontrolable. My client seemed frustrated too. I need to call her and arrange for a follow up visit to encourage her.

Does this sound like you or someone you know? Remember, practice makes perfect and if you don’t practice with your dog, your dog won't be trained. Training is a lifetime pledge. When children are out of school for the summer they tend to forget what they learned the year before. That’s why they are encouraged to read during the summer. "Keep Practicing". If you learn a new language and you have no one to talk too in that language, you will eventually forget that language. "Keep Practicing"

Every interaction with your dog is a training lesson. Example: Your dog just jumped up on you and you pet him. Next time your dog jumps up, you push him away and yell "down". Your dog thinks "hmm if I keep jumping I will get a pet most of the time, so I’ll keep jumping".

The appropriate action example: Dog comes to jump on you; you walk away say nothing. When your dog has all four paws on the ground you praise lavishly and pet your dog. If you are consistent your dog will stop jumping. Below, Rico is enjoying the attention from students at Wartburg College. Rico is not jumping.


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