Board and Train Programs


Boarding accomodations are upscale and comfortable.  Your dog will be trained, socialized and tuckered out by the end

of the day.



We train Monday through Friday.  Dogs go home for two days. These prices include boarding, mini lessons with the pet parents on pick up day, socialization & field trips, enrichment and yoga lessons and a complementary bath.   Also included are 2 follow up lessons in your home. Three week minimum required.  Start your pup as early as 8 weeks; let us do the potty training.  We have a program just for puppies.




Field trip downtown Cedar Falls.  Look at Rex's sit stay!  Spectacular!

This is Rico.  Notice he is not jumping.  He is calm and receiving a lot of attention from students at Wartburg College


Nursey and Kindergarten


  • 3 weeks   $2000.00 

  • 4 weeks   $2600.00 

  • 5 weeks   $3200.00 

  • 6 weeks   $3800.00 


This includes: Field trips; potty training;  bite inhibition; basic manners; socialization; touch conditioning; crate training; leash manners and much more.

Adolescents and Adults

  •  3 weeks   $2000.00    

  •  4 weeks   $2600.00    

  •  5 weeks   $3200.00

  •  6 weeks   $3800.00


This includes: Field trips; basic manners; leash manners; socialization; foundation work; listening skills; watch me; look; repond to name;  come when called; and more.

Socialization include field trips:


  • UNI Campus

  • Downtown Cedar Falls and Waterloo

  • Various Local Parks

  • Visits to Pet Stores

  • Play dates with other dogs

  • 2 walks a day           


Certified Pet Trainer & Behavior Consultant
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