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Board and Train Programs


Boarding accomodations are upscale and comfortable.  Your dog will be trained, socialized and tuckered out by the end

of the day.



I train Tuesday through Saturday.  Dogs go home for two days. These prices include boarding, mini lessons with the pet parents on pick up day, socialization & field trips, enrichment and yoga lessons and a complementary bath.   Also included are 2 follow up lessons in your home. Three week minimum required.  Start your pup as early as 8 weeks; let us do the potty training.  We have a program just for puppies.




Field trip downtown Cedar Falls.  Look at Rex's sit stay!  Spectacular!

This is Rico.  Notice he is not jumping.  He is calm and receiving a lot of attention from students at Wartburg College


Nursey and Kindergarten


  • 3 weeks   $2000.00 

  • 4 weeks   $2600.00 

  • 5 weeks   $3200.00 

  • 6 weeks   $3800.00 


This includes: Field trips; potty training;  bite inhibition; basic manners; socialization; touch conditioning; crate training; leash manners and much more.

Adolescents and Adults

  •  3 weeks   $2000.00    

  •  4 weeks   $2600.00    

  •  5 weeks   $3200.00

  •  6 weeks   $3800.00


This includes: Field trips; basic manners; leash manners; socialization; foundation work; listening skills; watch me; look; repond to name;  come when called; and more.

Socialization include field trips:


  • UNI Campus

  • Downtown Cedar Falls and Waterloo

  • Various Local Parks

  • Visits to Pet Stores

  • Play dates with other dogs

  • 2 walks a day           


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