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Walking up to a half hour $25


  • Exercise

  • Socialization to:

  • New surroundings

  • New animals 

  • New people.  

  • A tired dog is pleasant to be around. 

  • Quite often dogs that don't get out of their home environment can lead to behavior problems, such as:

    1. Territorial protectiveness.

    2. Lack of confidence.

    3. Lack of social skills; with both animals and humans.

    4. Out of control behavior; when you come home.

    5. Stranger danger; lunging and barking.


This does not include training your dog how to walk on a loose leash.  

Yoga up to half hour $25



  • Body awareness

  • Confidence building

  • Communication skills
    (with the handler)

  • Core balance work

  • Mind concentration work

  • Emotional pleasure


  • Walking

  • Fetch

  • Training new balance techniques to help with mind body coordination

  • Training new behaviors

Enrichment up to a half hour $25




This is Charlie getting enrichment time learning how to balance on different play ground objects.  It takes concentration.

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